Loretta began learning Japanese as a high school student in 2002. After traveling and studying in Japan she decided to apply her studies, studying Linguistics and Digital Communication in Japan as a research fellow through the College of William and Mary.

In the past five years Loretta used the KemushiChan brand to write custom textbooks and platforms for teaching Japanese to students in the US. Loretta also teaches privately at schools in New York City and Japan.

Additionally, Loretta consults companies about US-Japan cross-cultural practices, translates, interprets and designs comprehensive growth plans for students and businesses who wish to excel in Japan.


KemushiChan began in 2006 as a series of online YouTube videos to promote enthusiasm for the study of Japanese language and culture. To date, KemushiChan videos have received over 1,000,000 hits and 15,000 loyal subscribers.

In 2012, Loretta was named 1 of 10 “Next EDU Gurus” by YouTube and Khan Academy for digital innovation through the KemushiChan video channel.

Loretta also provides services as a Japanese/English translator and Interpreter. Experienced topics range from music and art exhibits to political tours, cultural exchange programs (image left) and various technical areas including science, business, and law.

Sample of work (image right): Click to hear Loretta's recent translation and dubbing of this British science team, PeriodicVideos's report on Nuclear Chemistry in Japan.

KemushiChan has collaborated with many international brands, providing marketing solutions and access to fellow edupreneurs in the Japanese language space. Below are a few of those brands who have grown larger, interactive audiences and higher conversion rates after collaborating with KemushiChan.

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